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Does a Fila drool overly much?

Does a Fila drool overly much?

    In Fila Brasileiro - Asked by Anonymous - 1/13/2011 8:34:59 PM
Most Filas drool, especially after drinking water..but that is their only bad quality
    Answered by Anonymous - 2/9/2011 2:10:25 PM

actually Filas drool very little compared to other mastiffs... its one of the good things about them... can't stress enough how potentially dangerous they could be with inexperienced owners
    Answered by Anonymous - 7/12/2011 3:09:10 PM

My Fila only drools when she just finishes drinking from her bowl. It's like she forgot to swallow. Other wise she doesn't drool at all. Not even when she is begging at the table.
    Answered by Anonymous - 2/25/2012 5:06:19 PM

I had 3 Fila's at once. They did not stand and drool, but, when the shook their heads the pool in their jaws would sling on the walls. I would take a towel and wipe out their jaws a couple of times a day. I also wiped the walls once a week.
    Answered by Anonymous - 9/23/2012 8:02:36 PM