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We fell in love with an English Springer Spaniel dog this past weekends, it was a neighborhood...

We fell in love with an English Springer Spaniel dog this past weekends, it was a neighborhood dog that came down to play with me and my kids. Our current dog is 15 years old and not doing well, so we will replace him once he is gone. Ok, my questions, Once potty trained, how long can they go? Me and my wife work, she gets off at 3pm to pick up the kids from school, I don't get off until after 5. So that is basically 7:30 to 4 most days, and sometimes later due to kid events. Our current dog, which is a Lhasa, can hold it all day, even at 15 years old! Are these dogs capable of holding it that long, he/she will be an inside dog with lots of playtime out? Guessing we should crate him/her throughout the day as well? We are also runners, 3-5miles most days, are these dogs good runners at these distances? I know they are active, but don't want to hurt them.

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We lost our beloved 11 year old English Springer Spaniel this past February. They are the most gentle, kind, kid loving animals I have ever had the pleasure of owning! He never had an accident in the house, ever! He could go 10-12 hours without a problem. My husband ran about that distance and he was always able to keep up! We will own another someday!
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My wife and I are gone from 5:45 am and she is home around 3:15 pm. Once our English Springer Spaniel's are used to our time sched. puppy and up there is no problem. Our dogs are kept in outside runs when we are at work and with us inside until the next morning.They are involed in outdoor activities and can go full days running. Need not worry about over exercing.
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