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my springer spaniel is only 9mths old but after a short walk with a bit of recall of a stick...

my springer spaniel is only 9mths old but after a short walk with a bit of recall of a stick when we get home he is completly out of breath and takes a while to recover. Is this normal? He does pull on his lead which i dont think helps

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No. That's not normal. I would have your vet check him out. At nine months old, a healthy Springer usually has enough energy to run for miles. Mine would walk five miles and still want to play fetch until my arm was worn out when we get home. Make sure he gets plenty of fresh water when he gets home from your walk (and bring water with you for him if you are going on a long walk). Watch out for heat stroke in hot weather. Dogs are more vulnerable to it han we are. You should look into clicker training (get a book or check out some videos on Youtube) and try using it to get him to heel without pulling. Springers are easy to train and love to learn new tricks. It won't take you long to have him walking without pulling if you use a clicker and treats to positively reinforce good behavior. Consistency is the key. Good luck.
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is it really warm where you live? My springer will run for hours if you let her when the weather is cool. Once it gets above 75 or 80 though she does exactly what you describe. She just doesn't have a real tolerance for heat. She loves the cold and playing in the snow though!
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Get YOUR springer spaniel checked by a vet to see if he has a heart murmer
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