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I have a male Springer Spaniel and he's only 8 months old. But when he sees another dog whether...

I have a male Springer Spaniel and he's only 8 months old. But when he sees another dog whether its big or small he instantly barks at them and goes nuts. It's driving me crazy! And also he keeps on going potty in the house right after I take him outside. What can I do?

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We have a 3 month old male English Springer. He does the same thing. We take him outside to potty, he comes back in and potties in the house. How long does it take to potty train these dogs?
    Answered by Anonymous - 3/30/2011 8:12:50 PM

Try putting your dog in a crate as soon as you bring it in and then take it back outside to potty after about 30 minutes or longer. We have had to do this with one of our older Springer puppies. All the other Springers learned to go out just fine. But once they get in the habit of going potty as soon as you come back in they need to go directly into a crate. Most dogs will not potty in a crate.
    Answered by rjgrogan - 4/3/2011 7:57:10 AM

I have a 5 month old springer spaniel male who loves to sprinkle pee here and there. Springer spaniels are hard to potty train. I have had four springers in my life time and boy is it a challenge to get them potty trained.
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Our group of Springers have not been a problem to train to potty outside, I had to train myself to get on a schedule with them when I am home. We also have bells on a ribbon aka "Poochie Bells" and they know to ring their bells. Like Pavlov's dog, I need to let them out! If your dog still goes potty after you have let him out, increase th time out. Take him for a loonger walk. (Again adjust YOUR time) A dog's bowels do not keep track of your work schedule. Take time to praise your dog when they do their business outide. If they continue to use the house as a potty area, checkwith your vet to see if it is amedical problem.
    Answered by rumvs2 - 6/16/2011 11:18:39 PM

Springers love praise and will do just about anything to avoid "the voice". When the dog messes in the house, take the dog to place, place a hand on the back of the neck (gently but firm), have him look at the spot, and then point to the spot and say in a slow deep voice, "did you do that"....with a slight raise in volume, "did you do that" ....."NOooooo". Then comes the worst part for a Springer....put him outside. He will put 2 and 2 together quickly
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We have a 10yr old female Springer who has never had an accident. In fact, she will go to the door, raise her paw on the door to let us know she wants out. She will also sit in front of the door if she's feeling sick. She's the smartest and easiest train we've ever had! Love her dearly!
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