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I just purchased my DDB he is 4 months old, and I was just wondering a couple things.... firstly...

I just purchased my DDB he is 4 months old, and I was just wondering a couple things.... firstly I feel bad crate training it has only been 11 days since ive had him, and he doesn't love the crate, and i leave tons of toys, and 1 treat in it and he never eats it. Also he wynes alot and always just seems bored, sleeps and doesn't love his walks either. I come home everyday for lunch to let him out because he wasnt potty trained all the way yet, so we both are woking on a routine, but just making sure I am on track with him. We went to our first vet visit he is 35 pounds, and like recently asked and stated from others, barks at noise, and likes people in the park but around other dogs, he just lays on his back, but when they walk away he wants to play. Thank you for your time, and to all who are considering this breed, he is my rock, heart and soul!!!!

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You are right on track! He is showing submissive behavior towards other dogs that is grate and still wishes to play. Although he may whine in his cage he is learning that is his den and not a place to play. I would suggest to remove all the toys and put in a sheet or blanket that you intend to be his forever although you may have to clean it when he is finally house broke you can move it to the place you wont him to lie down and he will recognize he's sleeping wobby if you will
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I think your doberman will settle into your routine soon. Is there any way he can be in your yard during your time away. If not the crate is necessary for your sanity and his protection. We got one of our Bordeaux at 4 months and it did take him longer to adjust to a new home than our puppies we purchased when they were younger. He is very aware of noises etc. because they are such good watchdogs. He is beginning to develop that side of his character more now that he is growing up. Keep taking him out to meet people and other dogs so he will be well socialized. Hope this helps.
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stop babying him.....sorry.....but the crate is his "DEN"....dogs are clean animals and the sooner you learn not to take time off to come and let him out, the sooner he will gain bladder control. dogs usually don't have full bladder control until about 5 months of age but crating helps them get control much sooner. coming home every few hours will just prolong the process
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