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Thank you for your response. My 100lb, 1 year old doberman is oversized. He is the biggest...

Thank you for your response. My 100lb, 1 year old doberman is oversized. He is the biggest doberman I or anyone else in Brookly has ever seen. My husband takes him to the dog park where he runs with 4 other dobermans who are his age or older and all of them are half of his size. My vet actually told us that he is a little under weight. We feed him a raw diet and my husband runs him in the park two hours in the morning and two hours at night. He is all muscle. He's soooo big when I walk him most people cross the street (lol). I would like to ask you another question. My husband and I do not know if we should have my dog nuetered. My vet said we should or he will become more aggressive and one of my neighbors said if he is nuetered he will become fat and lazy. I would like to know what your opinion is about nuetering. It is very hard to find out information about dobermans without searching the internet for hours so I would again like to thank you for your time. Janet

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I have had 4 male male dobs over the years. Three nuetered but not until 16-18 mths. Dobs don't mature phys and mentally until about 2 yrs of age. My Dobs did NOT become aggressive nor did they get fat and lazy both a which you have control over (socializing,food & exercise). There is a change but so subtle. Aggression (fear based) and dominance (desire to be boss) are NOT interchangable. Neutering reduces dominance. If you have no desire to breed your Dob I suggest neutering. It may make your life easy not having to address Mother Natures calling lol. I am so happy to hear you embrace "raw" feeding. Excellent choice. Hope this info will guide you to your decision.
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