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HI, My family and I have a Doberman who is 1 year old now and 100 lbs. We purchased him when...

HI, My family and I have a Doberman who is 1 year old now and 100 lbs. We purchased him when he was two months. We love him soooo much. He's our first Doberman. We read a lot about Dobermans before we bought him and we knew to socialize him with people and other dogs when he was a puppy. He's friendly to everyone. I wanted to have him protection trained, but my husband was afraid he would become too aggressive. I would like to know if he would become protective if someone tried to hurt a family member? Thanks! P.S. We did not have his ears clipped. My vet said it was very painful and that was enough for me.

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Congts! that is a great start. Aggression results from FEAR of what they don't know. On the contrary, training gives them more self conf. and gives you "pack leader" status. Proper Prot Trng is not aggressive behaviour BUT a TRAINED reaction. I would suggest you start with Obed. Take CLASSES that you and your Dob can do together(Beginner and then Intermediate). This will build a relationship and you will learn more about each other. I believe Prot Trng is best left to Cert. Trnrs. One last thing.. l00lbs - l year of age? I think maybe you love him a little too much lol. Unless he is an OVERSIZED or LARGE BONED dog he is over weight He should be about 80-85 pounds. We have to remember they are dogs and should eat what is best to become a healthy happy dog. Sorry, don't mean to preach! I hope I have given you some food for thought. Have fun with your Dob.
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