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So I am a young lady who just moved from MN to AZ because i needed a change. I have always...

So I am a young lady who just moved from MN to AZ because i needed a change. I have always admired the Dobermann Breed. I also moved into a not so safe area but it is the only one thats big enough. So i decided to get a companion and I have searched on line and they range from 300 to 3,000. why are they so cheep? should i be worried? and what is it exactly should i be looking for? I dont want to breed and i dont need it for show. I need someone to protect me love me and keep me safe.

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Certain breeds are cheaper if there are alot of them on the market due to being a common and popular breed. The Dobermann breed can cost well over 3000.00 for a champion bloodline.
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The Doberman is a great choice as you described. There are Dobie that go for well beyond $3000. Why so cheap? As in most things, there is a correlation between the cost and the quality; often but not always. If you only have $300 & that is your limit then that's your price neighborhood. A good breeder is often in the $900 to $2000 neighborhood. Why are they cheap? 1] The cheap ones are not show dogs. 2] The breed is healthy and easy to breed. 3] They are more on the common side; ie not rare. Before you buy: remember that there WILL be other costs beyond food; regular vet visits for preventative issues [heart worms; ticks etc]. In the mandatory column I would put training. Why mandatory? The dog is intelligent and both the dog & you need the training for the happiness of both.
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