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Hi, I have a two year old male German Shepherd and I love him dearly but he's a bit on the...

Hi, I have a two year old male German Shepherd and I love him dearly but he's a bit on the cowardly side. I'm alone a lot because my husband works away and I would feel so much more secure with a brave dog around. I've owned Rotties and GSs, so I have had a lot of experience with the stronger personality breeds. I've never owned a Doberman, and I've been reading everything that I can find on the breed. So Finally my question is for anyone that has a lot of knowledge about the breed, do they get along with same sex dogs in the same household? And I know that each individual is different, but in general do they tend to do okay in those situations, if raised from a puppy with the other dog? I Thank You Very Sincerely (in advance) For Any Information.

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Dobermans can but they both should be puppies and just let them be with each other for an hour a day.
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Why not address the personality prob of the male GSD. It sounds as if the GSD has not been socialized. The more they learn about life around them the more confidence they have. Get him out and about to experience as many new things as you can. DO NOT console him when he responds negatively to a new thing, sound etc. just laugh at him and continue walking. Dogs respond to humans emotions, happy, sad, scared etc. That emotion goes right down the leash to the dog. So if you walk with assurance so will the dog (with time). It is a lot of work to raise a dog to be a great family member. If you put the time into your GSD he will gain confidence and give you what you are looking for. I am afraid, getting another dog will not correct your current prob. You won't be sorry, your time will result in a happier dog and you. You may want to read up on how to properly socialize you dog. I am sure you will make the right decision to make you both happy. Good Luck
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Thank you for the response. You are right about my GSD not being socialized. I will heed your advice, have already started research. Sincerely, Donna
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I just knew you would make the right choice. You have a fantastic dog, bred for loyalty, work and intellegence. Working together to improve his confidence will bring you closer and a natural desire to protect you will develop. Maybe an obedience class would be fun for you both and would socialize him also. Make games up like "find it". Use a toy he likes and hide it so part of it is showing, you may want to let him see you hid it at first so he gets the idea. Make learning fun and he will progress faster. Praise him w/a high pitched voice "good boy" and clap your hands in excitment to show him how good he is for finding the toy and get him excited to go find it again. This is just a suggestion that works for me. I have had both GSD and Dobs they require mental stimulation to grow mentally. Best of Luck and a life time of enjoyment and happiness with your guy.
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