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How are dalmations with other dogs? Are they a dominant breed, or happy to just be in the pack,...

How are dalmations with other dogs? Are they a dominant breed, or happy to just be in the pack, lab like personality verses a terrier attitude? That is my concern is the pup that grows up, will it grow into a problem with the other dogs in our household. We have a lab and a kerry blue terrier and don't have any issues, the lab just lets the terrier do as she pleases. And the Terrier is noisy but mostly full of hot air, can a dalmation tolerate a boisterious terrier?

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Dalmatian's are excellent with other dogs if properly socialized. If not they CAN become protective and aggressive. A properly trained and socialized Dal can very much become part of the pack (hint: neutering males reduces their tendency to dominate). They are not dogs to be sentenced to a back yard. They need and crave constant attention and are far happier as members of the household. Read up on the breed, and particularly check out the Dalmatian Club of America's website (http://www.thedca.org/). The breed is a wonderful one, but far too many people don't spend the time to understand their needs and quirks. Whatever you do, understand that this is a commitment. not a trial. If you adopt a dal and it turns out to be more work than you're prepared to accept, turn it into Dalmatian Rescue and NOT the local pound. I hope it works out for you and you enjoy this very rewarding breed of dog. Given a chance, they can truly change your life for the better.
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I agree it is all about socializing as long as you raise your puppy right and he/she is raised around kids and other pets they are fantastic family pets. I have two dalmatians and a great pyrenese they are all best friends, we also have an old cat they adore.
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