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Please provide any information on a slipped disc. Our 6 yr old Dachshund has one. We have had...

Please provide any information on a slipped disc. Our 6 yr old Dachshund has one. We have had him to the vet and he is under her care. But what are the chances of him surving this. He is now paralized in his hind legs.

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i have a four year old mini dachshund and she too has back problems. my vet put her on dmso (don't know the actual name just the abbreviated version) for three days through an iv and then sent her home with me and she has been on steroids for about 10 or 12 weeks now. i am slowly weening her off of them. but after six weeks of strict crate rest she is back to her normal self. it was very hard to keep her in there but she only came out for pee breaks. ask your vet about dmso he should know what it is and see if there is any chance of your dog walking again with it. my vet didn't think that lily would ever walk again and she is now happy, healthy, and walking. i also made a sling to lift her back end so that i didn't have to hold her up while she went to the bathroom. hopefully, you cought it soon enough. good luck, it was the hardest thing i've ever been through. check online groups and google stuff. we found a lot of information on the internet.
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We have three doxies. All of them have had problems with slipped discs. One ended up needing back surgury twice when he was 5 and 6 years old to fix ruptured discs. Both times he was completely paralyzed, but he recovered the use of his legs. My other dog had a slipped disc in his neck. Because of the cost of surgury we were going to have to put him down but decided to try acupuncture. He had six treatments and is now, two years later, completely back to normal. All three of our dogs are now 12, almost thirteen years old and doing well. Your dog still has a good chance of living a long fulfilling life.
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My 7yr old had the surgery. He is going on 12 now and is doing great. It's hard. The surgery is expensive but effective. Care credit does fair intrest loans on surgeries. The other options listed above seem to have worked for others. good luck.
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My Irish Wolfhound went to Aqua Therapy..his therapist had a Doxie who was there often, due to back issues, she said he did really well w/ the therapy, as did my Brolie
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