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I have a purebred female Border Collie that I have been asked to breed with a purebred...

I have a purebred female Border Collie that I have been asked to breed with a purebred registered Pembroke Corgi. My female is medium build pure black & white. What is the likelihood of the puppies having the corgi frame with the short legs, etc? Thank you!

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Lots of lines are crossed when breeding dogs. Any good groomer would tell you not mix breeds with 2 different types of hair/fur. The same would hold true with dogs of different build and size. Since both breeds are herders, what would be the point of cross breeding the two. You would have a 50/50 chance of the dogs having the characteristics of either parent and then what to do with puppies, They might be really cute but they would be no good for breeding. What would you breed them with? You would have to disclose the cross breeding, because if you didn't, the owner could be held accountable for the new puppies. Could you imagine breeding a corgie to one of the puppies that might look like a corgie and getting a collie'? Good Luck.
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I have a corgi/border collie she is amazing. The most loyal and obediant dog I have ever had. Everybody loves her and askes where to get one. She was also very easy to train. We have even been offered money to sell her. the combination is great.
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We have a corgidore & she and all other 9 puppies are of all corgi build with labrador coloring!!
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My cousin has a border collie/corgi cross. They're called borgis and this dog is awesome! He's very loyal yet friendly to others and learns quickly. Like the border collie he likes having a job and in his case that is fetching. The nice thing about this dog is that he isn't quite as hyper as a border collie. he is black and white with the erect (large) corgi ears. He has a long body with short legs but a little longer that a corgi.
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