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do collies have any problems

    In Collie - Asked by Anonymous - 1/19/2013 1:56:42 PM
Collies have several health issues. The greatest one by far is the "Collie Eye Anomaly" Most of our collies out there have this, actually over 90%. What this means is that the pigment in the back of the eye is not as dark as it should be to reflect the light. For a pet it is something you would never notice. The other issue, that most breeders have done away with is bloat. They are a large thoracic dog (deep chested) and if they eat to fast and then drink water and then run around they can bloat. Which is a problem that the intestines turn. Very similar to colic in a horse. It can be life threatening. To avoid this, soak there food in water and let it sit then keep them quiet to digest their meal. Most responsible breeders will have all their litter's eye check completed before they go to their new homes.
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