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I have a 12 week old girl cocker spaniel, she poo's up to 8 times a day, I have changed her...

I have a 12 week old girl cocker spaniel, she poo's up to 8 times a day, I have changed her food, to iams puppy dry food, she was on pedigree chum puppy, which was too rich for her tummy, making her very loose, and very runny. Iams has made her poo more solid, but she still poo's a lot, she has 3 meals a day. Thanks. Haley p .

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Hi. The other part of this is that if she's that loose with her stools, she can easily become dehydrated but you can't over-water her because it will cause more loose stools. If possible, it is best to have the vet give you medication for this because it isn't good if Enteritis develops and that can be fatal. Puppies are all sooooo vulnerable to problems as they don't have much of an immune system or digestive system yet. I've had this & the vet can fix it very quickly, suggest what to feed also as your puppy might be sensitive to or even allergic to some foods, ingredients.
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One of the best foods out there is Blue Buffalo. Wheat, gluten, corn, soy free, natural ingredients. You may see loose stools & the gas they pass can smell very bad due to the high standard of food. I researched a very long time and came up with a product that works flawlessly. The stools are firm and no gas smell. It is brand: Honest Kitchen , product: Perfect Form. I emailed Honest Kitchen with a barrage of questions, each one of them answered by an inciteful, informed rep who exchanged emails with me for 2 months, updating on progress as we went along. I have used this with 4 clients (Boxer, Weimaraner, Cocker Spaniels x 2) and within 2 feeds, it was under control. They recommended a full on diet from Honest Kitchen, but we stayed with Blue Buffalo and the Perfect Form and it's proved hugely successful. Here's the link in case you were interested:
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