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I have a 19mo female cocker-chon (cocker spaniel mixed w/bichon), is their anyone out there that...

I have a 19mo female cocker-chon (cocker spaniel mixed w/bichon), is their anyone out there that has one of these designer breeds? I was told that bichons train well however, cockers has a meduim level of training ability. Do anyone know what can help with this process. She is housebroken however, other training has become a challenge; she knows how to sit on command but, becomes very stubborn and don't sit. Was the mix not a good mix?

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I have never had any trouble obedience training my cockers. Cockers compete in all kinds of Agility and Obedience events and are on the top of the competitors lists. I would consider maybe a different type of training or more formal training. I don't know Bichons to be very receptive to obedience or Agility. They are not a sporting dog.
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Attend a puppy training course with your pet. All puppies are quite trainable with proper training skills applied. Patience is a must, just like children, it takes time, time, time and lots of practice, over and over. No freebies when it comes to helping anyone learn something new. Nothing to do with type or breed, that is rubbish & an excuse that does not hold truth. I've had dogs for over 20 years, I do speak to you honestly :)
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i have trained my cocker for agility and we compete in many competitions, anyone that i know that has a bichon finds it difficult to house train or obedience train, i feel your problem may be with the bichon breed and not the spaniel.
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We have the same breed and about the same age. We have found that she is very emotion based in her response to training. a lot of praise, and I mean a lot of whoa hoos when she does well. When she displeases we only need to change our tone to a low disapproving sound. she immediately shows remorse. even a simple command of "come" followed by an immediate effervescent "good girl!!!" will make her want to obey, just for the praise. Good luck.
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We have the same breed. She is an absolute dream, so well behaved. She does love company and praise I definitely agree with that comment. Persevere they make fabulous pets ours is 4 now.
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I have had a male Cockerchon now for 4 1/2 years. I bought him at 8 wks. old. Trained well, never tore a thing, not even flip flops/pillow, etc. Trained well with potty habits. Very smart, actually too smart. A bit stubborn and won't necessarily come when called unless he thinks he's getting a treat. Love him to death though.
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