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We have a sharpei puppy and we need something to help improve her smell. Im thinking it is her...

We have a sharpei puppy and we need something to help improve her smell. Im thinking it is her diet. I had her on the same brand but switched flavors and it changed the way she smelled!! Im wondering what it best for her coat and smell? Also we bathe her when she stinks so every 2-3 days but she could use a bath everyday!!! Help!

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i have two chinese shar-peis and i had the same problem and was bathing one of them every couple days, when i took him to the vet i asked about that and he told me that you shouldnt bathe them but every 2 weeks at most. they have alot of skin problems and over bathing them makes it worse. sorry i dont have any way to help with the smell, but you should know this so you dont run into alot of skin problems!
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The smell could also be do to allergies, both environmental and food. I would check with your vet. We had the same issue with a couple of our shar pei's and one was do to environmental allergies, and the other due to food and one had both. Sensitive diet may be necessary.
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Oh ive been there before and yes chinese shar-pei's can have that issue but it goes away with proper care. Not much showering for this breed since moisture can be trapped under the skin folds causing skin breakage and even ulcers if not taken care of the skin breakage. Fish oil helps for a healthy coat and for the smell, try using a hot spot shampoo that has strong smell such as peppermint and orange. You can also buy dog body spray to cover up the smell ($7-$12) at pet city.
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I've owned Shar-Pei's for 10 years and they all smell the same. It's something you'll need to get used to, but I agree - be careful not to bath her too much, it will lead to smellier and costly problems. I brush my Pei's teeth often (4 times a week) and use a natural chamomile ear wash. This adds a pleasant scent, useful for when I hug him.
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In the almost 30 years of owning shar-peis I have found that the breed does have a smell but the diet is very big. Do not over bathe the dog, once every month or two is just fine, use an oatmeal shampoo. The dog may have an allergy to different foods, my current dog cannot eat seafood and corn, have the dog checked. ALL dogs can have allergies not just shar-peis.
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One last thing with the smell; this breed does not like water or take it easy of the baths and not many vets understand the breed. Look and watch how your dog responds to treatments.
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I have cared for many dogs in my day. With my shar Pei's though I find that making sure their ears are cleaned out on a regular basis. Use any Dog ear Cleaner and follow the directions. I think you will find that awful scent to go away.
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if you overbathe your sharpei you strip the natural oils on their coat. my vet recommends my sharpeis get a bath every other week, ears once a week, eyes cleaned daily. carrots and broccoli floretts worked to change the naturaul sweet/sour smell of my dogs
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I have a male and a female Chinese shar-pei. The male never had a smell but my female did. I took her to the vet and it does have a lot to do with there allergies but it can also be an infection. My vet gave me some antibiotics and it helped within 3 days. Her smell was awful, not the normal dog smell. I can't even explain what it was like. All I can say is it was horrible. She doesn't smell at all now!! So maybe try some antibiotics. They helped Myla!!
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