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i have 2 full bred chinese shar-peis, i have a cream colored male and a blue female. i have a...

i have 2 full bred chinese shar-peis, i have a cream colored male and a blue female. i have a question about their color. what does dilute mean? like if their apricot dilute or blue dilute what does that mean? ive asked several people and they have all given me different answers! so PLEASE HELP! thanks, Vanessa, KY

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Basicly it means their pigment is the same color of the dog and not black. If it is blue they should have grey nose and pads and lavender tounge. It is also ressive to the regular colored pigment like black. Also do not confuse a snow nose on creams as dilute. Now apricot dilute will have an apricot colored nose and not black. Blue is the dilute of black and lilac is the dilute of chocolate.
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ok so when we breed our shar-peis, are they going to be any certain color...does dilute mean they have a dominent gene? im just so confused i know we have an apricot dilute and i think she is a blue dilute im just not sure if her nose is black or not? if she is or isnt a dilute what would be differnt about there puppies if anything? Vanessa KY again lol
    Answered by Anonymous - 8/9/2011 1:26:57 AM

Dilute means the muzzle is pinkish and the puppies are not likely to have that black muzzle. It also means that its not a pure color. The dogs puppies will have different colors which means your buyers will have more options to choose from. WOW you hav a blue chinese shar-pei ?? You should breed her with another blue since that color is rare and you can sell it even pricier.
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dilute means red dilute red nose red pads red anus, blue dilute,blue nose,blue pads, blue anus.....same body color as coat color dilute.
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