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We just found out our Chinese Shar-Pei dog needs to have an eye lift if thats what it is...

We just found out our Chinese Shar-Pei dog needs to have an eye lift if thats what it is called. The eye lashes are folding under. Will we have to do this more than once? Will this make him aggressive? I know he will be in pain and we have other dogs, im just scared for him he is only 18 weeks old

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Shar-Pei's skulls grow til they are 18 months old, so you need to find a vet who knows Shar-Pei, no vet who does recommends surgery at this age. The most the puppy can need is tacking. Even with tacking, the anaesthesia is the most dangerous thing. Do NOT let them use Ketamine or Telazol. Both will kill a good 10% of the Shar-Pei they are used on, and yes I have lost dogs to both. Domitor and turbugesic are all that should be used, just gas is even batter. Vets love to do surgery and eye tackings on our dogs, think of the money. Be sure YOU can see the eye lashes rolling in. Thanks.
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Vet can tack back Chinese Shar-Pei lids now. Surgery later. Do not let this go any longer for the lashes wearing on the eye itself will blind the dog!!!
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My shar-pei had 2 eye lifts.
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EYE TACKS- WHAT is it? Eye tacks are simply stitches that are put on a shar pei's eyes. WHY? To let the dog grow into the skin. Shar pei's have wrinkles even thier eye lids and that means the eye lashs get in the eye and begins to scratch the eye ball creating an ulcer thus losing the eye. How does it work? So an eye tack is simply used to let the dog grow into its skin. DOES it hurt? No. Not really. It will bug the heck out of them. The stiches used are usally the disolve-able type. Just be careful that the dog does not scratch the eye. Hope this helps
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