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I just got my Chinese crested he's 10 months old. He's a rescue pup. He's great with kids and...

I just got my Chinese crested he's 10 months old. He's a rescue pup. He's great with kids and females but not men he shakes and runs around to hide or peek around the corner to watch them. We are working with him but very slow going.My hubby takes his time and talks to him we sit together and I hold him while my hubby pets him.I then put him on his lap and he shakes but after a while he stops.Today he even let hubby pick him up to take him out to go potty. Are they all like that or do you think something might of happen to him.

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Well, I do believe something may have happened to him, seeing that these are usually not chinese crested traits. It sounds like what your doing now is working. Just keep taking it VERY slowly, let your puppy warm up to being around your husband. I suggest giving your husband treats, and rewarding your puppy everytime he gets even more comfortable with your husband. Have fun with your crested and good luck! Sometimes they can be a handful!:)
    Answered by Anonymous - 11/1/2011 8:18:23 PM

I rescued a Chinese crested who had similar problems he would run from the men in the house and stuck to me like glue. I found him a home with female only residents.
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I think his previous owner was a man that mistreated him,so he probably thinks that all men are bad. This happens to many rescue dogs that have been mistreated. I think you've done a great deed adopting a rescue pup and the way you and your husband are working with him is great. Just keep doing so and don't give up!
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My friend adopted a Chinese crested female from a wonderful shelter. It took a few months for her to not be afraid of men, but now she loves her daddy truly, madly, deeply! Be patient...
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I believe your Chinese Crested was abused by his previous owner when something happens to these dogs they let you know
    Answered by Anonymous - 4/11/2012 2:57:17 PM

Cresteds get attatched easily. My dogs shake around anyone that isn't me. However, when they do bond with other people it is generally females, because I am a female. They are afraid of the unfamiliar.
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I'm the one who sent this in and to let everyone know he is doing great I just love him so much. And he love's me you can tell. I can't believe how smart he is. I got him at a time I just lost my buddy at the age of 20 he was a beagle lab mix my daughter kept bring over rescue dogs and I just kept saying no until she brought him over. I said I need this dog she said no you don't I said yes I do.And we have been together ever since. He goes every where with me. And even sits with my hubby every now and then. ( if he has a treat) lol
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