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I am getting a a chinese crested that is 9 weeks old, She is a hairy hairless. I was wondering...

I am getting a a chinese crested that is 9 weeks old, She is a hairy hairless. I was wondering what type of sunscreen will be good and lotion for her skin i should get. Also how would i shave her do i shave her how we humans shave ourselves. And what is the best food for them because i hear they gain weight easily.

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I like using Aveeno hydrosport it comes in a spray. I just put my hand over her eyes a lightly mist. It works really good and doesn't break her out. I also use all human products for her hair I like Sebastian that works.really good I also found a really good lotion the Naked Bee. It has no alcohol, mineral oil or lanolin it smells.really good.and leaves them soft not sticky. I also bought a small rechargeable clipper I like that much better then a razor. it gets a nice close cut without the worry of cutting them. Best advice. don't over use products and I.only use the sunscreen we she out for more then an hour at a time. Treat there skin like you would.yours a little bit of product goes.a long way and I learned the hard way use pet products and don't go cheap. Besides the products last its worth it on the long run. Good luck with your new chinese crested puppy - they are one of the most loving dogs I ever had.
    Answered by 8656gabby - 7/5/2011 9:13:37 AM

Hey everyone with hairless cresteds that break out in comadones, blackheads and pimples.... I finally found that using the bar soap with this EXACT name "Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentke Cleansing Bar", and Thoroughly rinsing with a spritz perhaps of Humilac, helps tremendously,( even in their hair but NOT in their eyes!!!!) One of my three has part dry part oily skin, she is best off with a bath every 5-6 days. Up to you to do your own research and follow your own thoughts.
    Answered by Anonymous - 7/7/2011 12:15:30 PM