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We bought a 2 1/2 yr female chinese crested. Everything they told me is LIES! She is not...

We bought a 2 1/2 yr female chinese crested. Everything they told me is LIES! She is not socialized (terrified of people, going through doors, jumping off/onto anything, car rides (we are gone to visiting family, parks, car rides, ect.) IS NOT HOUSE BROKE! Crate training isnt working (always been successful before) She goes out but also immediatley goes inside! This could be during feeding, cuddle time, few mins of play time, etc. She is taken out frequently and will still go coming in. I do not know what do do. I do not know if she can be re-trained at this age. I tell her bad/no when she pees and take her out. I praise her when she goes. We keep her in the kennel and take her out for walk, eat and potty runs, but she still will go in her crate. How can you crate train when they go in their bed?! All she does is pee! She doesnt even drink much . I need help from someone who can seriously advise me.

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I bought a dog that was about 8 years old that had been in a puppy mill. Was advised that training her would be hard if even possible. She was trained within a week just from the example of our other dog. I try never to scold my dogs. I do encourage and praise them. Also, after going out and doing their "job", they get a small treat when they come back inside. Also keeps it easy to get them to come when you call, treats work wonders. I have heard that putting a dog in a crate makes them think of the crate as their "home" and the rest of the house as "fair game." It almost sounds like your chinese crested was abused by the last owner???
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You said your chinese crested goes in her crate? How big is her crate? If it is big enough for her to walk around then you need to put a barrier or get a smaller crate. Its not cruel its just that she wont go in her sleep spot! Try that. Do you use puppy pads? If so take them outside everytime she goes and praise her when she does! But DO NOT use them indoors if you only want her to use it out doors! Eventually she wont need the pads anymore..oh and you can cut them smaller for outside and just gradually make them smaller! Make it a BIG deal when she goes outside! And if she goes inside (take her outside asap!!!) set her down let her finish going then say good dog and praise her!
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We have a powderpuff that is 13 months old.He was very easly to train. The first day we brought him home , he was going to the door to go out when he had to use the bathroom. We also used bells hanging on the door knob so that we knew he was there if we weren't watching. We later installed a doggie door. He is social on his own terms. He loves to ride and does very well with that.
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If your chinese crested potties outside and is still pottying in the house shortly after coming back in, I'd suggest a trip to the vet to rule out urinary tract infection. That may also be why she is peeing in the crate.
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