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1)..I have a male hairless and a female hairless Chinese Crested. Can I breed the 2 hairless...

1)..I have a male hairless and a female hairless Chinese Crested. Can I breed the 2 hairless together? Will there be some powderpuff and some hairless? 2)..The female is about 6 lbs and the male is about 8.5 lbs. Is she too little for this male, to give birth? 3).. Am I becoming a Chinese Crested Hoarder? Ha ha.

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Yes you can but there's is a much greater risk of birth defects, such as missing teeth and claws.
    Answered by Anonymous - 3/15/2011 11:33:38 AM

You "can" breed them.. yes you would still get puffs. I personally would not breed a female chinese crested that tiny tho. Most breeders I know prefer the female to be at least 8-10 pounds.
    Answered by Anonymous - 5/26/2011 1:15:16 AM

You should not breed two hairless cresteds. You develop genes that cause serious problems. Breed a hairless and a powderpuff. Either way, you will get all puff, all hairless or some of each. It's a crapshoot. If you're doing it for money, there are a glut of cresteds on the market and it's hard to even give them away.
    Answered by Anonymous - 5/29/2011 12:47:20 AM

I love the chinese crested breed too. But breeding should not be done just to have puppies. Breeding should be left up to the people who breed dogs for quality not quantity. That is how the breed is ruined, poor breeding leads to poor quality puppies and that's how you loose what you love in the breed. If interested in breeding get involved in the dog shows find a breeder willing to work with you. I'm not a breeder I'm just a lover of the breed. There is no profit in proper breeding just the satisfaction of the breed. It's a lot of work time and expense in breeding. Then there's finding homes good breeders research where there dogs are going.
    Answered by 8656gabby - 7/5/2011 9:41:52 AM

thank you for Good Advice re breeding my itty bitty gairy hairless, who i have already spayed because she stayed so small, under 6 lbs. My hairless boy is getting neutered in less than a week because he is probably not a good genetic little guy. He would not even know the right posture for the process and to show me he is the big little guy, is peeing on everything, thinking i am sure, that it is the right thing to do. So although every cubic inch of him is an adorable white, some parts will be removed soon. Thanks to all. PS , to the person whose cresteds are so well pottty trained, breed those dogs! So i can buy one. Just kidding.
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Hairless gene is a fatal dominate gene. PP have 2 PP genes one from each parent. Hairless have one Hairless gene and one PP gene. If you breed two Hairless you run the risk of having a double Hairless gene & dead puppy. Leave the breeding to those that want to improve the breed and know what they are doing.Unless your dogs have been proven to meet the AKC/UKC breed standards (in the show ring an expensive undertaking) and will improve the breed do not breed them. If you want another dog,there are enough dogs and cats in rescues all over the county,who are being killed on a daily basis for lack of someone to adopt them.If CC is what you want, adopt from a rescue who are doing their best to rescue the overpopulation from the High Kill shelters and puppy mill breeders. Or buy from a reputable breeder if you must, who is breeding to improve the breed and not for profit. We have a PP who is the delight of our family. All of our 4 d and 3 c are rescues.
    Answered by Anonymous - 10/13/2011 7:08:20 PM