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Well, I have two questions. I have a 3 yrs old hairless named Pierre. I was wondering. Must he...

Well, I have two questions. I have a 3 yrs old hairless named Pierre. I was wondering. Must he always wear a shirt of some kind at all times, or just when he goes outside? Second, he keeps getting these small pimple-like bumps on the back of his neck and front legs. What are these? and how do I treat them? Thank you.

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I have 5 hairless dogs. And all five of them hardly ever keep the shirts on. after they are warm they pull them off. They all like to snuggle under a blanket on my lap or just on the couch. Most the time the pimples are infected hairs. Just touching them makes them pop. They are pimples just like we get as humans. My husband gives ours a bath almost daily. This helps a lot. Also Don't give them bread of any kind makes the pimples worse. Dilla
    Answered by dilla - 9/16/2010 1:06:12 PM

This is Pierre's Dad. I quess the thing about the sweater is. Can I take him outside without it if I put some good sunscreen on? He's never had it off except when I'm putting lotion on him and changing sweater. I think the area around his neck is getting irritated. Thanks for your answers.
    Answered by Anonymous - 9/16/2010 3:41:53 PM

AKC Chinese Crested breeder here. Pierre only needs a shirt when it's cold. A good rule of thumb is if YOU are cold, he will be, too. The bumps you describe are most likely pimples. Just like humans, Cresties can get acne. Sometimes it′s hormones or a reaction to clothing / chemicals in the house, sometimes it's genetic (bad genes lead to major acne problems later in life!) Almost all acne goes away on its own, but you can help by bathing Pierre 1-3 times a week, using a GENTLE salt scrub meant for humans, & tear-free baby shampoo. If his skin seems dry, can use an oil-free lotion for babies. I must disagree 100% regarding consumption of bread. While some dogs will have an adverse reaction to certain foods, there is NO definitive scientific proof all Chinese Crested have a sensitivity to bread. In fact, when dogs are ill, many vets serve bland foods (plain bread, rice, or bananas.) Before removing or adding anything to your pup's diet, consult a veterinarian!
    Answered by almostnakedpups - 10/11/2010 6:02:01 PM

Clothing optional. We use clothing only when the temps drop and it is obvous that our Hairless dogs are chilly. (puppies we keep warm with area heaters ) Bathing with a gentle soap and facial scrub glove or soft brush can help. Antiseptic spray after bath on back area can help heal pimple. Stay away from oils,or moisturizers that can clog pores. Cresteds can be prone to hormonal acne even after they are grown.
    Answered by mama5863 - 10/16/2010 2:52:39 PM