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We have a rather large apartment on the outskirts of a city with plenty of open spaces and parks...

We have a rather large apartment on the outskirts of a city with plenty of open spaces and parks for walking and playing. We would like to raise a Chessie, but aren't sure if it's the right environment for the dog. Does anyone know if a Chesapeake would work well in this environment?

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The chesapeake bay retriever REQUIRES lots of exercise. Please consider a different breed for your apartment life. I work with the chessie rescue and too many times people turn over their chessie because "too much to handle".
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I don't completely agree with the response of the person above me. I have a chessie and i live in an apartment. They are OK as long as you give them a TON of exercise. They really do need a lot of it. If you are an active person then you should be ok, but if you are a couch potato i would consider an other breed. They can be a handful and are a handful when young, it takes a lot of training and patience. I love my chessie and wouldn't trade him for the world.
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Chessies are very energetic. They can do fine in apartments but you must exercise them regularly. If you can bike or rollerblade with them that's great. You can also take them swimming, enroll in obedience, agility, tracking and hunt training. Remember they are an double, oily coated dog and may need regular baths and brushing otherwise you may have lots of fluffballs rolling around your place.
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A Chessie is a lovable but very demanding puppy and will mentally remain a puppy for 24 months +/-. Given the opportunity they can eat the sheetrock off of your walls but with LOTS OF EXERCISE' consistency and a strong commitment it can work. When they mature they are treasures but will still be unhappy without an active life. More is needed than a walk in the park. They need heart pounding, tongue dragging runs. If you can jog with them great, but if you aren't a runner, wthen another option is them running while you ride a bike. IF YOU ARE THE RIGHT PEOPLE, they are more than worth the effort.
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