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How well do Chesapeake Bay Retrievers do with small children and are they hard to house break ?

How well do Chesapeake Bay Retrievers do with small children and are they hard to house break ?

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Got my first Chessie in Nov. of 2008. Got her around kids right from the start. She sleds and plays great with the 2,5,6 and 10 yr olds in the family. A little more hyper than the English LabsI had for 20 yrs, and much stronger. She is a little more mindful of the kids when we swim, she grabs them and pulls them back to shore. Heard all the stories, but we have had ZERO issues.. Chessie #2 will be here this summer.
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I went from Labs to Chessies and am a huge fan. My second female is a very affectionate playful dog. She is great with my two young children. I think that the breed is misunderstood, and the dog gets a bit of a bad rap. I am not a hunter and appreciate the dog as a family dog that is a little more protective than other retrievers.
    Answered by Anonymous - 4/27/2011 9:02:19 AM

Chessies do very well with children. They are a bit more serious and protective than other retriever breeds especially when raised from puppies with children. Chessies will often put themselves between strangers and their children or their home. It would take a brave individual to get out of their car on my farm when my kids are out. They are fairly easy to house train but are extremely smart!! They can have accidents in the house to get back at something you did that they didn't like. But rest assured, they are very reliable in the house.
    Answered by dogdoc - 7/18/2011 7:58:08 PM

I just put down my 12+ yr old Chessie. My daughter is 11. He was my guard when my husband was on the road, but had never bitten a single person. They do smile:) They just sound and appear intimidating because of size. He would give a loud bark and plant himself in front of me. My daughter did anything to that dog including sitting on him like a horse. He would just slide her off his back. She also learned to watch out for the powerful tail. She would hold out arm to not get hit in face till she got taller. Very devoted, loving animals that can be stubborn. Ours figured my husband was boss and tested me at first. Be firm but kind and they will be great pet! If you can't run with them just have a good throwing arm and lots of walks and playing in water! Be aware that they will dive under head first! Socialize early and often.
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