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Two Questions: I see a lot of websites rate the Catahoula highly in the guard-dog category. Is...

Two Questions: I see a lot of websites rate the Catahoula highly in the guard-dog category. Is there any truth to this? I know many guard dog breeds are described as willing to fight to the death for their owners, but have never heard anything of the sort for this breed. Also, is this dog capable of doing on daily long jogs with me? Does it possesses the stamina I would require to keep up?

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Catahoula dogs are a very protective breed. They will stick to their owners, and protect them. If it comes to it, they can and will, in a life threatning situation, protect and defend you. But they are very sweet and loving. My Taffy was our mama dog, very sweet, put she wa sthe pack leader and knew how to put everyone in their place. Yes, these dogs have a lot of energy, and can keep up with you, they are very trustworthy and will follow you.
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Catahoula's have all the energy to keep up. mine can run for miles. as a gaurd dog they are great. mine would let anyone near me without growling but to me she was very sweet.
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This breed is very very loyal and protective. We have one that is even protective of our other dog. We have a tiny dog (mutt) that we adopted awhile back and our catahoula attacked another dog that was trying to attack our little dog, then he can turn to its own and be the sweetest thing you can't even believe that he just jumped another dog agressively. They don't seem to hold grudges either, they don't sulk after you get onto them, but they catch on very quickly! Our catahoula runs all over our ranch when we are up there, he doesn't want in the back of the truck he would rather run, so I think they would keep up with your jogs.
    Answered by Anonymous - 10/11/2011 1:36:20 PM