Cane Corso Mastiff Question

Can a full breed cane corso have a white patch on his nose

    In Cane Corso Mastiff - Asked by Anonymous - 12/16/2012 7:31:20 AM
Acceptable colors for the Cane Corso are black, lighter and darker shades of gray, lighter and darker shades of fawn, and red. Brindling is allowed on all of these colors. Solid fawn and red, including lighter and darker shades have a black or gray mask; it does not go beyond the eyes. There may be a white patch on the chest, throat, chin, backs of the pasterns, and on the toes. Disqualification: Any color with marking pattern as seen in black and tan breeds.
    Answered by Anonymous - 12/29/2012 10:30:03 PM

Yes they can though it is not desirable. I believe it may be a disqualification or at least a fault in the show ring. But that does not mean the dog is not pure Corso.
    Answered by Anonymous - 1/7/2013 12:25:03 PM