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My cane corso is 7 months old now and he is not protective AT ALL. In fact, if we walk and there...

My cane corso is 7 months old now and he is not protective AT ALL. In fact, if we walk and there is anything like a bag, or a piece of food on the ground in the middle of the side walk he will flip out and try to run away. I wanted to buy this particular breed because they are docile, and also because I am a single girl living in my condo alone and would like to have a bit of security if needed. There have been a few times where he should have exhibited protective behaviour like at night when we are walking and have been approached, but instead he is scared. Will he ever grow out of this? I have trained him properly; i:e obedience training. He listens, but it's exhausting always having to cater to his insecurities when we are outside. Oh, and when someone knocks on the door and comes in that we don't know, he is incredibly sociable. I tell him to go to his bed when he tries to do this. I don't know what to do anymore.

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I'm not sure how you could fix this behavior but it's doesn't seem normal. My pup is 5 mos old and she stands in front of me and barks whenever anyone enters the house or approaches. Maybe you should ask a professional trainer?
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Got my corso at 8 weeks, he was exactly the same way. He is now 2 1/2 and with lots of socialization and introduction to new surrondings he should become confident. And to the answer that large dogs arent for women, that is untrue, im 106lb. 5'2" and my Corso weighs in at 157. You need to teach your dog whos the dominate.
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It is important to keep in mind that every corso has different temperments. Since yours is still a puppy you need to be patient, all puppies are social and playful with anyone who will pay attention to them! Between 6-8 months puppies can go through a "fear stage" where they are scared of everything! my corso was the same way with unknown objects and sounds you need to make sure you don't baby him as it will just make it worse. Just reassure him by acting like everything is ok, if you're calm he will be calm as well. As for the protectiveness that instinct will come, as puppies corsos are quite friendly unless improperly socialized and trained. You don't want a corso that is overly protective as they can easily over power many adults when they are full grown but they do become more wary as they get older and less playful. My corsos show the same fear behaviour at night as yours is. Now he is alot more wary, he doesn't like people coming up behind him. Give your puppy time
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I have a Cane corso male who is 6 mths old and he is TERRIFIED of everything and everyone!! If someone comes into my home he will bark but do so from under the bed. When walking, if he hears a noise he will attempt to crawl under the closest vehicle. ONe lady mentioned a bag... we had one blow by and OMG, the dog off and I found him under a van shaking. I felt horrible for him and the was the last time we were outside without a leash (my bad). I too am a single woman living in Toronto and wanted a dog for protection and at this point it is me protecting and reassuring him. I can only hope he grows out of his insecurities.
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I also have a 4 month old cane corso, and she is extremely protective of me. Especially at nights, when I walk her, if she notices anything or anyone out of the ordinary, she barks, and she barks really bad! Like a fully grown adult dog, and scares the hell out of people around her. She has a very deep and powerful bark. I just wonder how her barking will become when she gets older, she is only 4 months now! She is only friendly with people that I know and that she has seen before, like our neighbors who pet her. I think you shouldn't worry about him not being protective at this age, because from what I heard and I did read/research a lot about this breed, cane corso's become protective as they grow older and reach maturity, which is 2,5 years of age with females, and 3 years of age with males. It's better to have a docile and calm dog than an aggressive one. He will become protective as he grows, you don't need to worry about it. Always be calm and patient and gentle with him.
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He is still a puppy and being a puppy. You shouldn't expect any kind of protectiveness from him until he reaches maturity, which is 3 years of age for male cane corsos. He will grow out of this, and be protective, don't worry, just continue to be very patient and calm and gentle with him. It's much better to have a friendly dog than to have an overprotective aggressive one. My female cane corso is only 4 months old, and I don't want or expect her to protect me, it's my job to protect her. If you really need protection, I would recommend you to get a spray or a gun for the time being, until he grows, but even then, no dog can protect you from a bad guy with evil intentions who has a gun!
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My Cane Corso boy I just lost was 9 yrs old and when he was a pup he was a bit jumpy, always happy great with ppl amd dog. Ppl could approach me at night or dAy and never thought twice about it and was like I guess he trusting but 2 times he showed me that if need be he's there. Once a guy tried to sneak up on me I had no idea he started freaking out and the guy ran for his life and he was holding a knife so he saved me from being robbed or worse. Another time I let him into my apartment not knowing a stranger was there he pinned him to the corner amd wouldn't let him move until I said it was ok Just remember 7 month is young I noticed a huge change around 18 months don't give up these dogs are just amazing
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We have 6.5 months old male Cane Corso puppy. He has been socialized a lot since he was 11 weeks old when we got him, and he is very affectionate with us and friendly with other people/dogs. But if he sees shadow, unusual noise or suspicious cars, he starts growling or makes 'woof' noise, then eventually he starts barking and even howl, unless we say "It's OK". BUT IT ONLY STARTED ABOUT A MONTH AGO. Until then, he would not bark at all on his own. But I did teach him a command "watch 'em" with hand gesture using treats, so when I give him that command, he is vocal. You can teach your puppy the same command. Mine learned it in the first session. We also have a friend who own adult male Corso, and he has a very sweet easygoing temperament. He was a jumpy puppy, and how he is an adult, and still a little jumpy, but more protective and step up when needed. So, don't give up. Also, make sure you socialize a lot with good people, so your pup can learn "good" people vs. "bad" people vibe.
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My cane corso is 120lb, female, 15 months old currently, She responded the same way your pups did but now she is a well socialized studdette. Please understand your pups are pups. They look to us to feed them, love them and protect them. You must be an assured Alpha leader of the pack. Please be patient with them and continue to teach and love them and when they mature they will respond accordingly. My pup frustrated me with her fear, but I keep reassuring her, then socialized her and placed her in all types of situations. Now that she is older and well socialized when we are running or walking she is on alert, no one can run close to me. She follows them until they pass us and looks back to ensure they are not coming back. What a change in her personality. We don't have to teach them what they already know "Protect the pack leader". Socialize, socialize, socialize and they will know the difference between friend and foe.
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