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I have a 2 year old cane corso, Apollo. 2 weeks ago, i brought my new baby daughter home. At...

I have a 2 year old cane corso, Apollo. 2 weeks ago, i brought my new baby daughter home. At the sheer sound of her cry, Apollo began barking unstoppable. We initially, brought some clothing home to Apollo to get used to her scent prior to bringing her home from the hospital. However, when Apollo saw my daughter, he got to an aggressive stance and attempted to get at her. This occurred when my daughter was in the harness that my husband wore and when she was in the play pen. Please help with alternative training we can do to get Apollo used to having the baby in the home and not appear aggressive.

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This is normal because the dog does not have access to the baby to interact and smell it. I would suggest socializing your cane corso with older kids then slowly younger ones to build his trust around kids and babies. Then have your dog meet the baby in a neutral zone but keep them at a distance and when your dog barks at the baby firmly say no and have your dog submisively sit then call the down command in a way that your dog understands that even if he is stronger he will never be aloud to scare the baby and that the baby is under your protection. Be calm but have a non agressive but extremly firm voice telling him you mean business.
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After socializing your dogs with kids and gradually younger ones. Have your cane corso meet the baby in a neutral area and keep him on a leash and when he barks tell him to go in the sit then down position be calm non agressive but extremly firm and let him know that in no way he will be able aloud to hurt the baby and that the baby in one of your own. The dog will understand that he will need to protect the baby and he will later bark at any strangers aproaching his baby.
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Make sure you praise your cane corso when he stops barking at the baby.
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In regards to a large breed dog vs a baby - do yourself a favor and find a new home for the dog. Research all the babys that have been killed or mauled by the family dog. Dogs are pack animals and your dog thinks he is the alpha and appears to not want any additions ti his pack. Is that a risk worth taking
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When I brought home my newborn my male cane corso was wonderful with her. He is more protective of my children than anyone else in my home. Sounds like your dog has not been socialized properly and he needs proper training.
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