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im looking in to getting a corso. i heard they are easy to train if you work with them. my...

im looking in to getting a corso. i heard they are easy to train if you work with them. my question is i have a 3 year old and one on the way. are cane corso's a good breed with childern? especially ones that are so young?

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I am not sure I am looking into getting one myself. As I have been surfing the net I saw that last year one killed a 4 year old in the while in an apartment but this was not the dogs home and the boyfriend or owner of the dog was not with the dog when this happened in a apartment of 4 children and one woman.
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As with any breed proper socialization and training are needed from the beginning especially with children. Corso's are actually a VERY great family dog but you have to put the time and energy into the training and socialization!! My dogs LOVE children and I have a baby on the way and have little reservations about the way my dogs will behave around my child. And like I tell anyone - you NEVER leave a child unattended with a dog!! No matter the size or kind of dog you have!! An accident could happen at any time!!
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Our cane corso is very protective of our son and that can be a bad thing! We have to keep him contained when he has friends over because he gets upset if they are running and he thinks that he has to protect him by grabbing the other kids arms (never hard but it's still scary!)
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In regards to the four yr old killed by the Corso. The dog was the boyfriends and neighbors reported watching him in the yard with an arm guard on teaching the dog to attack. They said it was a huge display that neighbors came to watch on a regular basis. You should never teach a Corso to attack ....their natural instinct is to protect the family. The children were also left unattended with the dog while the mom went out to get groceries. I also believe it was reported as a Corso/Pit Bull mix. What happened to that poor child could of been prevented with proper dog training and supervision. My Corso is.extremely gentle AND protective as the breed should be.
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