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I have a 9 month old Cane Corso and she is a great learning dog and catches on quick to what I...

I have a 9 month old Cane Corso and she is a great learning dog and catches on quick to what I would like her to do by command. The only issue, I still have with her is her constant digging. I know they get bored easily but is there anything I can do to control it or is it still a puppy issue and she will grow out of that ? I love my dog and am glad I got this breed of dog as she works well with me and we have alot of fun together. Any suggestions would be great.

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This was recommened to me and works great. If your cane corso wants to dig, give it a place to dig. Designate a spot in your yard and bury objects your dog likes in this area. Your dog will eventually only go to that area for digging.
    Answered by Anonymous - 2/9/2012 4:17:26 PM

Get some toys or dry food/dog biscuit for your Cane Corso at least to distract her from digging the ground. With this she will definitely stop the act.
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We too had a problem with our 2 Corsos Woody and Lily digging, especially after spending $4000 on landscapping. We took 2X12's and built a square over the grass in a corner of of yard under a tree and filled it with sand making them a large sand pit/box. We put all their toys in it, buried a few bones for them to dig up. We saved our flower beds and have 2 very happy dogs who love their sand pit. Even our 6 grandboys ranging from age 2-10 years enjoy the pit. Lily and Woody love to lay in the sand box while the boys dig, move sand and play construction and even help dig! I guess you could say every one is happy and it was such a cheap fix. Try it. Hope this helps.
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Get a soccer ball remove half of the air in it and play with her, she will like it much better then digging. Just carefull to not kick the ball when your dog is biting it and instead have fun throwing the ball and have her run for it. She will love it so much she will even bark at the ball LOL
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