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i changed my cairn terriers flea meds from frontline plus to petarmor plus. she's had it on 3...

i changed my cairn terriers flea meds from frontline plus to petarmor plus. she's had it on 3 weeks not sure but i think it's not working. i don't see fleas but she is pulling the fur off her hind quarters and chewing ..and skin is black. has anyone had the same problem or do you think its something else?

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Yes, our Cairn started this at the age of 7 and is now 13. Ozzie has been in a hood for 7 years. The condition, in Ozzie's case has only gotten worse. Steroids ruined his thyroid and his eyes. His skin is hot and irritated and black in spots. 5 Doctors later they only thing they can agree on is that he is allergic to something. Ozzie is now on a limited indgredient food, thyroid, and meds to try and produce tears for his eyes. Ozzie also pulls (literaly) the hair out of his skin.
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We had a beloved Welsh Corgie and she got the black skin and was pulling her hair out, we took her to many vets and finally she started not eating and tired, we found this one vet and he took x-rays and examined her and she was FULL of cancer right where the black skin was.
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I think they are called hot spots. Hot spots can be made by scratching in the same place a lot. Maybe they can be black but the most common is red.
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We just took our Cairn in to the vet a few weeks ago for the same thing. Frontline hadn't worked for fleas so we used Advantage II and that cleared them up. But, he was still itchy. The vet said he had a bacterial infection on his skin from the fleas. They gave him antibiotics and steroids which he just finished taking. He's better now and his hair has grown back quite a bit.
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I am a breeder of show quality Cairn Terrier's and the black on the skin is from bacteria growth and them pulling thier hair out is from this irration, but if you spray vinegar on the spot it will kill the bacteria and hair will grow back with in a week, This is a " HOT SPOT ".
    Answered by cairnterriercreek - 10/8/2012 8:37:42 AM