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Just adopted a 2 year old male cairn terrier 3 days ago. He is in good health and has all of his...

Just adopted a 2 year old male cairn terrier 3 days ago. He is in good health and has all of his shots. He has not barked and will not run after a ball and is very docile. Could there be something wrong with him?

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Hi there, I had a Cairn for 13 years. He was the best dog ever! He loved to play fetch but didn't always bring the ball back 100% of the way. He would drop it a few feet from me. He loved to play soccer and if you dribbled the ball anywhere near him he would try to steal it and dribble with his nose. He was not a big barker but he would bark if someone rang the doorbell or knocked. Be patient with your new dog. He may just need some TLC and adjustment time. I just bought a new cairn and can't imagine ever owning another breed. Good luck!
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I have a 1 year old Cairn terrier...he is not big on fetch with a ball either. I have found though that he will play fetch with any other toy he has, even his soft squishy ball - just not his tennis ball. I wouldn't be worried - also, mine only barks when he is being protective or when something is bothering him. Other than that - not much barking. :) Best dog i've ever had! The only thing I would say is unless you have a fenced in yard a leash is always best. Cairns are bred to hunt so if he gets his nose to the ground he might go hunting for what he smells. My dog doesn't run away or anything but when he smells something in particular - he wants to go find it. Enjoy - a Cairn's personality is the best and he will be your best friend. They are very sensitive dogs so if he does get in trouble they don't need a whole lot of reprimanding to get the point.
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I have had my Cairn terrier for 6 years now, we got him as a puppy, he was a little terror (attacked everything), he was showing he could be big and bad...well he wasnt much of a barker till we moved to our new home, he barked even if it was a leaf blowing across the yard. We tried everything from commands, verbal reprimands, time outs, even muzzles to show barking is a no, no. He now only barks when he hears or sees ppl. All im saying is be happy hes not a "yapper", cuz once they start is a bad habbit to break.
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Hi. My cairn terrier is 2 years old. I got him a year ago. For the first 3 months I had him, I only heard him bark one time. He is still very quiet, only barking at things he feels he needs to "protect me" from like the vacuum cleaner, windshield wipers in the car, motorcycles and the hair dryer. He is the neighborhood watchdog and will let out a low growl at unfamiliar people walking up to our tiny apartment complex. He howls at firetrucks, it is pretty hilarious and endearing to watch. Cairns are extremely intelligent animals, which it is pertinent to train your dog to be obedient. It is also important to do daily trick training with them to keep them challenged. My dog catches on super fast to each new trick that I teach him if I pair it with a small treat. He has even recently even started making up "fancy" tricks to see if he can get treats.
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My cairn will do anything for a treat! I even pair his commands with hand signals. The reason I bring up the tricks is because this is the way I got him to start playing fetch with a ball. He doesn't like large sized tennis balls, they are too big, so I got him mini tennis balls that he loves. I started tossing the ball and giving him a minuscule treat when he would go close to the ball . Eventually I started giving him treats when he ran after it and then only when he would bring it back. He doesn't always bring it back 100% of the way. Sometimes he will drop it a few feet from me. Anyway, I hope this helps. :)
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