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My Bullie is 20 months old. He is great! His parents are both champions and he showed well as a...

My Bullie is 20 months old. He is great! His parents are both champions and he showed well as a young pup. His ears are HUGE, and we started taping at 12 weeks because of the size. poor guy when through taping after taping for weeks on end. His ears would stay up for about a week, then flop down. finally at a year we stopped and they have fallen. Is there anything anyone would suggest to try before we give up? (we refuse to try cosmetic surgery) He fits the breed standard to a tea and we would love to give the show ring another shot before we neuter him! Thanks!

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Leave the poor guy alone and just accept his floppy ears :)….
    Answered by Anonymous - 12/28/2011 1:09:34 AM

We have left it alone for quite some time - although you say "Poor Guy" as if it is cruel - and he is miserable. I just would like to clarify that - we didn't buy him to show him. I had researched the breed for years and happened to end up with a client who was an amazing amazing breeder with excellent ref. I got to visit him in her home every week until 10 weeks when we brought him home, all recommended vet visits, treatments, vaccines and deworming were current. I had to agree in his contract to show him and I was not enthusiastic about it (our other dogs are rescues).... until I went to his first show. He LOVES it. No joke. He prances like it is the thing to do and loves loves loves the attention he gets! When you offer him a cookie at him he will "stack" himself with out prompt - one rear foot slightly back, head up, front paws together. I never understood showing until he came into our lives!
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As far as the taping goes, he could care less. Lays in my lap patiently while the tape goes on and then acts as if nothing happened while his ears are taped. When his ears wouldn't go up at first I was relieved - because I thought that it was a loop hole in the contract that meant we didn't have to show him. But after watching his attitude with showing, I started to rethink it. This was further reinforced a few weeks ago - he and the GSD were playing in the yard with a toy. The GSD went for the toy right as our Bully turned away and the GSD caught the bottom of his ear. We couldn't stop the bleeding (it wasn't a big wound but those ears seem to bleed and bleed and bleed) and so we went down to the vet. The vet glued the wound opening closed, fretting the whole time because dogs tend to be really bothered by things on the ears and tend to reopen them quickly.
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He said he would try a bandage he would like to leave on for three days, but the probability of it last more then a few hours was pretty high. I told him he didn't mind as a puppy but we would see. After all the glueing and bandaging was finished, te vet put him on the floor and said "Ok, let's watch for a few minutes and see how badly it bothers him. He might need an e-collar". Our little bully, clearly annoyed with being at the vet, walked to the exam room door, sat down and let out a big sigh. After a minute he realized we weren't leaving and walked over to myself and the vet and sat between us, looking up as as if to say "OK if we aren't leaving could I have a cookie? a pet? SOMETHING?" I removed the bandages three days later and his ear is back to it's cute normal floppy self.
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If i thought that showing or ear taping made him miserable, I would never consider looking more into it at his age. I was also given the number to a surgeon in SoCal who will do a cosmetic surgery on Bullies that stands their ears up (not cropping, more like an ear lift with a suture in the back of the base). I will NOT be having cosmetic surgery preformed. His ears standing up would be nice, but I would risk him harm to have it done. Any way. I just don't want to seem like so psycho owner who is sitting on her poor resistant dog every week and forcing tape and e-collars on him and making his quality of life poor for vanity or an owner who went out looking for a show dog and was disappointed that she got a "dud". We love every part of him with out conditions! He is a dream (a handful! but a dream). His ears won't change that. :o)
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