Brussels Griffon Question

My 4 year old Brussels

She is given me lots of love, but has a housebreaking issue. I got her when she was 3-1/2, and my vet suggested I crate her. But she even potty's in her crate. What is going on? Any suggestions

    In Brussels Griffon - Asked by Anonymous - 1/22/2013 6:57:19 PM
She was probably a kennel raised puppy on wire where she had no consequences for her potty. Consistency. Keep going with the crating and doggy doors help a lot with this breed too. Straight from the crate to outside for as long as it takes to do her business (both). This breed takes an incredible amount of time to break. Good luck
    Answered by fancywood14191 - 2/15/2013 8:44:25 PM