Brussels Griffon Question

Just adopted a 1 yr old Brussels Griffon. Is it okay to crate him while our Havenese isn't crated?

We just adopted a 1 yr old Brussels Griffon. He is good about going outside when we take him, but if left alone in the house he will lift and pee. Our Havense that we also adopted is house trained and can use a potty pad. Is it fair to crate the Brussels while we are out and have the Havanese loose? Will he think he did something wrong? The dogs are left alone for about 3.5 hours in the morning - I'm home for 1 hr at lunch, then another 3.5 hours in the afternoon during the week.

    In Brussels Griffon - Asked by Anonymous - 1/2/2013 3:15:04 PM
I firmly believe in crate training Griffs. They just make better dogs. Also at 1 year old your griff is just now probably potty trained. This breed takes forever but they DO train. Crate training helps a lot.
    Answered by fancywood14191 - 1/19/2013 9:23:36 PM