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My family is considering a Brittany Spaniel. We do have a pet ferret. Is it likely that this...

My family is considering a Brittany Spaniel. We do have a pet ferret. Is it likely that this type of dog would try to "hunt" the ferret?

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He's going to hunt anything that isn't a dog or human, and is smaller than him. Birds, squirrels, cats, hampsters, etc., are triggers of his instinct. In fact it may drive him nuts trying to get the ferrit over time. My Brittany will become obsessed with a bush only because it saw a bird pop out a week earlier. So a ferret within his "home", will surely make for an epic showdown. I guess he could be trained to accept the ferret, but it'll be tough. Their instinct isn't to hunt and KILL the thing, just to spot the animal so that you (the hunter) can finish off the bird, squirrel, etc., he retrieves and gets a pat on the head and some jerky. My point is he's not going to kill the ferret, just chase him around the house almost without control. There in lies the issue and danger (especially to furniture, lamps, etc). They're amazing dogs and I love my boy to death, but that'd be like keeping a crate o' twinkles away from fat kid. It's just mean and not a good fit
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Have to agree - my Britt grew up with a cat and to this day terrorizes the cat to the point where the cat won't leave his master bedroom. Prey drive is too strong. A ferret though? That looks way too much like a squirrel. If you want to keep your energetic, over-zealous Brittany still for 2 hours, put her under a tree with a squirrel in it. I would NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL. Trouble waiting to happen.
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My female Britt is 11 1/2, and has a total of six total tree rat kills, and two rabbits that I am aware of. All in the back yard. No small fuzzy rodents are safe around my house.
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Brittanys do not have a very strong prey drive for being hunters. Brittanys that do have strong prey drives are usually not trained or disciplined to behave around other animals. Brittanys that are well adjusted and socialized around smaller animals since puppyhood will not attack. Rats, mice, rabbits, or just rodents do not have a good relationship with brittanys. It's rodents you should be aware of, cats are fine. I would not recommend a brittany with a ferret in the house.
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My friends call me a dog freak. I am considering to adopt a brittany. I've researched about dogs since i was 8, officially. I found out what was true and were opionions and lies. You can trust my answers. I am the responder of all questions that were replied yesterday. 9/5/12. That's me.
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