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I have a 5 year old Brittany Spaniel who is the sweetest, smartest guy in the world, except with...

I have a 5 year old Brittany Spaniel who is the sweetest, smartest guy in the world, except with other dogs. He seems to be getting worse as he gets older. At the dog park all he wants to do is run so when the other dogs start sniffing him, etc. he growls. He never bites but he growls and then the other dogs start fights with him. Any ideas to train a 5 year old Brittany Spaniel? Also he is absolutely crazy in the car! Wondering if getting him trained as a bird hunter might help with these things...? THanks!

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Could be an issue with too many dogs at the same time - try keeping your Brittany with a smaller group of dogs and see what happens. We use a soft crate in the car with our Britt and she loves it!! It keeps them from jumping from seat to seat and can offer some protection in a crash we like the soft crate because they can get air and see out side make sure you get the right size for your Britt Unless your are a hunter and spend a lot of time training andf in the field don't
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We have a 6 year old Briitany. He does the same thing with other dogs. There is no rhyme or reason to it. A switch comes on and he is very crabby. I found this out a doggy daycare/ kennel when he stayed there. Billy is also just the sweetest most lovable thing in the world. I don't understand it. Luckily the kennel is an excellent place and they make sure he is not lonely when he is there. Billy used to go to a playdate and all he did was run too!! Other dogs wanted to play with him and he didn't want to be bothered with them. He gets tons of exercise and lives better than some children and people do. Do you think he is spoiled or this is just a "BRITTANY THING"?
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The dog must have not been well socialized when it was a young pup. Dogs that growl and do not bite show signs of stress and discomfort. Most aggression issues are with older dogs. This usually happens to dogs with low self esteems. This will result in shyness or aggression. In the wild, a dog that is weak or stressed will prevent by getting eaten by acting aggressive which makes the other animals leave it alone. I like the crate idea because it gives the dog a secure, comforting environment.
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I forgot to actually answer your question. My bad. Bird hunting won't really help your Brittany Spaniel be friendlier towards other dogs. It's a good start because it gets him to become more obediant. Typical trick training is best because as i mentioned before, dogs show aggression when afraid. This helps them build more self confidence. Lack of self confidence is common in brittnays. Teaching them how to roll over, jump through a hoop, agility training is a great activity. Agility training is also around other dogs, so it will most likely help socialize your dog.
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Hopefully my last two responses helped you. My friends call me a dog freak. I am considering to adopt a brittany. I've researched about dogs since i was 8, officially. I found out what was true and were opionions and lies. You can trust my answers. I am the responder of all questions that were replied yesterday. 9/5/12. That's me.
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