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We have had our Brittany for 3 weeks, he is almost 10 weeks old, he nips constantly goes after...

We have had our Brittany for 3 weeks, he is almost 10 weeks old, he nips constantly goes after our kids legs, just wondering if anyone has any tips to help us get this under control! We have tried a squirt bottle and sticking your hand under his tounge but then it seems to make him madder n nip more! He's doing well sleeping n going potty he sits and shakes, I just gotta get this nipped in the but and he would be great

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Likelihood is that your Brittany pup thinks this is a game. You need to make sure he/she differentiates between chewing and biting his toys and biting human skin. I think it would help a lot to watch this instructional video by Tab, he is very good, I highly recommend him. Hope this helps, good luck with your puppy.
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My Brittany does the same thing nips 24/7 teething bones help and the kids running around just get them excited, my advise yell at the kids they understand better then the dog. Mine is 7 months old now and just now started to lay down and relax when he is inside. But I work him making him run for at least 30 mins a day before i even think about letting him inside, but it really does help.
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Remember the dog is not a human. You must prove you are the pack leader. What would the mother do? GrrroooowwwwL at him. Your Brittany does not know english.
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Never, Never, Never use you bare hands to play with your pup any breed, use a toy if they want to grap your hand when you are playing with the pup stop them and give them a toy to play with this way if you need to handle your pup they won't think it is play time and want to nip. we all know it is fun to tussle with the pup I use a thick pair of work gloves when I tussle with my britt she has learned when i get out the gloves it time time tussle with Dad no gloves no tussle.
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My dog did the same but just keep giving him bones and toys to chew on. He is just a puppy so give him a year to get through the stage. They get bored easily so don't yell at him just give him something to chew on. Im sure this helps and hope it will. also stick ur hand is his mouth and say no more.and that should calm him for a little bit.
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