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7 month old brittany

Today we purchased a 7 month old brittany that has some field training and has been kennel raised. The dog is alert when hunting, but very very timid and mellow otherwise. It also does not come when called - Is this typical?

    In Brittany Spaniel - Asked by Anonymous - 11/25/2012 6:23:49 PM
No. It seems like the pup had some bad experience before or just has not been well socialized yet. Try to do simple yard work to teach the pup simple commands. Often times, the dog doesn't respond to you and simply doesn't know what to do when asked. I normally use 6-10 feet long leash and teach them "Here". Say "Here" and slightly pull the pup toward you and when the dog starts to come toward you praise them like there is no tomorrow. Having a treat in your hand also helps. I also teach the pups to either kennel or crate by themselves when young. I normally say "Kennel" and when the dog enters the kennel or crate, I praise a lot and give a treat. So in the morning when I get ready for work and put my hands in the treat box, all 4 of my britts run to their respective kennel!
    Answered by Jennyro - 10/8/2013 9:06:28 AM