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Do brittany spaniels have hair or fur? Because my sister is allergic to fur.

Do brittany spaniels have hair or fur? Because my sister is allergic to fur.

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Brittany spaniels have fur. You must be looking for a hypoallergenic breed of dog. People are not allergic to the fur of the animal or dog but to the dander they produce. Dander is a dandruff you could say that is dust like. Dog's saliva also causes allergies. The more an animal, in this case dog, sheds, the more dander and saliva is released. Some breeds tend to shed more than others. Some people may be allergic to a certain breed others are allergic to specific individuals of a breed. Brittany spaniels do shed, but they are not a big problem for allergy sufferers.
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Also, the wrinkles on a dog, the more dander it releases. Dogs with undercoats also tend to trigger allergies. If she has asthma,it's best for her not to have a dog. You could always have her go around a few brittany spaniels and see how she reacts. As i mentioned before, different dogs cause different reactions. I try not being to wordy, but i cannot help it. To sum it all up, have her go around different dogs and dog breeds to see which one is best.
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I hope my previous two answers helped you. :-D
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My friends call me a dog freak. I am considering to adopt a brittany. I've researched about dogs since i was 8, officially. I found out what was true and were opionions and lies. You can trust my answers. I am the responder of all questions that were replied yesterday. 9/5/12. That's me. I also answered some today, well really added more.
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