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We have a female boxer that is six months old this is her third household-she crate trained in...

We have a female boxer that is six months old this is her third household-she crate trained in one day and is learning commands quickly, she did a five hour car ride to our home and was very good-she has snapped at me a few rimes now and it seems to be when my husband is around-she follows him everywhere and is quite attached. What can we do to break of this behavior as in only a week we are very attached and hate the thought of giving her up? I play with her and she is affectionate with me as well-I am hoping that you can help

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Your boxer should not be snapping at anyone - what you need is to be is firm and hold her by her snout firm and tell her no! I have a boxer for 4 years and she has never snapped at anyone. I would recommend a dog trainer not for the dog but for you. This is a difficult breed to train and the reason I say dog trainer is so they can show how to train the dog. I did, my boxer was my first dog ever so I wanted to be trained on how to train her good luck
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Boxers will naturally have a tendency to favor one "packman" over another. For example, our male boxers seemed to have an affinity for me (a male) whereas our females for my wife. Snapping is done when a dog is jealous (such as food mainly, or protecting their food). A dog trainer may be of help. You need to be "properly trained" (like Ceasar on Dog Whisperer says), to understand what's causing it and to end it. Don't get rid of the boxer, they are an absolutely wonderful breed but there is always jealosy with them (either with another boxer you may have, or with you and their favorite (in your case, your husband). Our female boxer would always grumble if I showed affection to my wife, or let us know she was there and she didn't approve of the affection I would show my wife. Another female boxer would come up and push between us when we would show affection towards each other. It's more like the female boxer saying "hey, I'm here! What about ME!"
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