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could a border collie, if raised in proper puppyhood for example, be a housepet?...

could a border collie, if raised in proper puppyhood for example, be a housepet? they are of course generally smart, i owned one who is in heaven now, but i never was able to housetrain it.. would the result be simple if i did??? thanx would appreciate any useful, friendly response:)

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We have 3 dogs that all live in our house and one of them is a border collie. They have access thru a doggie door to a fenced in lot but we take them out every day to run free for excerise.One of our dogs is a GSP who likes to run off to chase wildlife when they are out but our border collie herds him back when we call for him to come in. Considering he is half the size of our GSP it is so fun to watch him work. He has made a great house dog and was easier to housebreak than the others.
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i own two border collies, i live in waha, and we have our house on a lot with pasture on one side with stables, pig pen etc. but i have my border colllies in our kennel then i let em out in the day to run bout:) i have em house trained for stormy nights or emergencies or when i show more love:) they were easy 4 me if trained properly, during puppyhood ur good:)
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You could train your border collie. Just let it outside ONLY when it needs to go to the restroom. Thats how I trained my Border Collie.
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