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I'm 14 and i got my first dog, a border collie. she is loving and a great dog over all. she is...

I'm 14 and i got my first dog, a border collie. she is loving and a great dog over all. she is 20 weeks old, but is not potty trained yet. i have tried crate training but it just isnt working. she also bites, but playfully and hardly ever licks. and when does their hair start getting long?

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she also gets car sick, just to add
    Answered by Anonymous - 5/12/2011 3:40:22 PM

Cool! I'm 14 and I got a Border Collie Tricolor short hair neutered male last year. I never crate trained him. They don't always have long coats. There are long haired and short haired. The long haired have the silkier fur, but the short hairs still are very soft. Don't be too heavy handed when correcting the biting, but definatly correct it! She's probably biting because she is a herding breed and is trying to "herd" you. A light pop on the nose at most will work. A firm "no!" should work better though. If the dog cont., do the nose. that's Snapshot. Go through my photostream and you'll see Diggity (his bro) and Sophie (I had her and she dissapeared) Sophie is the Min. Schn.
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great pics! and thanks for the tips
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If your puppy is 20 weeks old and doesnt already have a long coat, then you must have a short hair Border Collie. Long hair Border Collies start to get their long hair at about 5 weeks old.
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My recommendation is to take your border collie to lessons at the place you get her food if they have training classes( if they do start with the puppy class)If not go to the nearest pet smart. Thats were I got my dog trained.
    Answered by Anonymous - 2/9/2012 5:45:24 PM