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are border collies water dogs?

are border collies water dogs?

    In Border Collie - Asked by Anonymous - 5/5/2011 9:38:29 PM
My border collie swims in my pool everyday.
    Answered by Anonymous - 5/9/2011 9:37:20 PM

Are they!! XD XD My two Border Collie/Aussie's sit out in the rain and snow! One of them will go and lie down in puddles to cool off.
    Answered by Anonymous - 5/16/2011 4:54:10 PM

My border collie loves the water and snow. We have a local park near my house that sits on the water and he goes swimming just about everyday
    Answered by Anonymous - 8/5/2011 8:42:18 PM

Yes and no at the same time!! Most Border Collies LOVE water but some just HATE water!!
    Answered by Anonymous - 8/28/2011 12:24:48 AM

My border collie goes crazy everytime I turn on the hose. He loves to bite at the water and never seems to tire of it. This comes in handy at bath time, he just sits there and let's me bathe him!
    Answered by Anonymous - 9/22/2011 10:51:06 PM

Actualy border collies are hearding dogs
    Answered by Anonymous - 2/22/2012 5:16:33 PM

Most Border Collies love the water, but they are bred to herd!
    Answered by Anonymous - 6/1/2012 12:39:29 PM