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Our border is the highlight of my father's day. (he's retired and she's his buddy)...

Our border is the highlight of my father's day. (he's retired and she's his buddy) Unfortunately, she gets violently sick once or twice a month. We thought it was because she was chewing on black walnuts, but when those went away now we're wondering... sticks? fecal matter from animals around the yard? is this normal? she has pretty much free reign to run around the yard and she's super responsive to us when we call. We have tried to keep an eye on her but she's super fast and she likes to play games. She dry heaves, flem & bile come up and it is literally a 5 minute process everytime. I feel awful for the poor girl. She doesn't act sick though and it usually just springs up on us/her. Does anyone have any ideas of what this might be? Could it be contamination/could she be eating something that makes her that sick? Please don't be scared to answer me honestly.. I'll get her checked out myself if this keeps up. ~Worried!~

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Are you giving her any treats? If so are they rawhide, or made of hoofs? A lot of times they will eat something that won't digest and will vomit to get rid of it. We have horses and when the horses get their hooves trimmed the dogs love to eat the "trimmings". I can count on cleaning up vomit later on after they eat it. Its because they can't digest it. Rawhide chews are very dangerous and not digestible as well.
    Answered by SIOUXCITYRANCH56 - 11/19/2012 3:39:16 PM