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I am retiring in 2014 and moving to the mountains where I will build a new home on two acres....

I am retiring in 2014 and moving to the mountains where I will build a new home on two acres. Considering a Border Collie. Will have the time and energy to exercise both me and the dog but I have never owned one. Questions: Can I train Fido to the point that I can trust him to not run away if I allow him to roam free? Will he scratch my new hardwood floors and totally destroy my house? Will he dig holes all over the yard?

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He won't do those things if you give him enough exercise, daily walks and ball retrieving, frisbee, games to keep his brain occupied. He needs plenty of exercise EVERY day of the week. Don't expect him to fulfill his exercise needs by being left roam free. They are usually good at staying near the house once they receive enough exercise and attention from their owners. They're very loyal so not likely to wander off on their own unless bored. They're also very sensitive to any kind of punishment.
    Answered by Anonymous - 8/23/2012 11:16:25 AM

I live up in the mountians, and have always had border collies. If you get two Border Collies, the chances of them running away are higher. But we have always let our border collies run free, and have only had a problem when we had two at one time. I dont think that you will have any problem with it running free, and it will satisfy their exercise needs, although they would be much happier playing fetch or finding something to chase. We have never had a problem with digging or destructive Border Collies. They are very trainable and smart, so if you ever did have a problem, it could be easily corrected.
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border collies are great dogs and we have never had a problem with run aways. they might start wandering around if they get bored but its very easy to call them back
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Number one, I would never allow any dog to run free especially in the mountains. Coyotes love to rat pack dogs and lead them off to be killed. Number two: If you are worried about your hardwood floors, I would suggest put a barrier up of some kind to cordon off the parts of your house that you don't want the dog to go. You can also train them not to go in certain areas as well.
    Answered by SIOUXCITYRANCH56 - 11/19/2012 3:45:28 PM