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can a border collie be owned by someone who lives in a large city?

can a border collie be owned by someone who lives in a large city?

    In Border Collie - Asked by Anonymous - 2/21/2012 11:47:45 AM
I probably would suggest not. I would get a border collie if you live in the contry or if you have lots of land. And they are best for herding sheep cattle or stuff like that. So no they shouldn't live in the city. And need a good size home or apartment. So probably just stick with land although city is possible.
    Answered by Anonymous - 2/22/2012 5:31:40 PM

Only if that person can give a border collie a TON of exercise DAILY. Border collies need WAY more space an enegry than people think.
    Answered by Anonymous - 2/22/2012 9:19:06 PM

I lived in the city before with my border collie, we went on walks alot but after a while you can see that he will miss the "running free" part. So i would recommend only if there is a big park nearby where he/she can run wild and free and play games like frisbee or throwing a ball, my puppy is now 5 months old and i moved to a house with a big yard and a park right behind the house, he can now run so much that he also becomes more calm inside the house and more relaxed. I can totally see he is happy now and he enjoys running allot. I hope its usefull for u this information because i got sad living in the city with no good park nearby. A border collie really needs his big grass field to run in :) if u give him that everydayhe will be a very happy dog (mine is addicted to the park haha) good luck!
    Answered by Anonymous - 3/16/2012 8:03:09 PM

If you can take your border collie to a dog park to play, and walk your dog at least 1 hour a day he/she should be fine.
    Answered by siouxcityranch56 - 4/12/2012 2:30:41 PM

Border Collies are happiest where they can have a yard or some land but if they get enough exercice they will be happy in the city. I would highly reccomend not having a Border Collie in an appantment! But if you live in the city and give them about an hour of exercice a day and maybe take them to the dog park sometimes, it would probably work out. I would highly reccomend not to leave a Border home alone every day while gone at work! If you get a Border Collie be perpared to give lots INTENSE work out each day!
    Answered by Anonymous - 6/1/2012 12:18:27 PM