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We just had to put our blk/tan coonhound mix to sleep. He spoiled us with him being the...

We just had to put our blk/tan coonhound mix to sleep. He spoiled us with him being the "perfect" dog. Nice and lazy lol. We are ready to get a puppy and would like to get a bloodhound. My uncle is into hounds (he has one of each kind) and he warned me that bloodhounds are not very good pets. He uses his hounds for hunting and they are CRAZY. I understand that they are very active and I have no problem with that but he is telling me that they are very aggressive, not good around kids(our youngest is 15)that I will have to bury wire near the fence cuz they dig etc. My question is Is it in their blood to be that way (if it's true) or if we are more laid back will the pup be that way ?

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I dont know what the heck your uncle is talking about. I have been raising Bloodhounds for 27 years and in all the bloodhounds i have owned or produced or bought I have seen one that has been aggressive and he was only aggressive when he had a female in heat with him. They are great with kids they adore them. They are good in the house can be taught to do just about anything.
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Dogs can be products of their environment. You put any dog in with a pack of hounds on the hunt and they will act crazy too. We have raised Bloodhounds for seven years and found them to be awesome pets for older children, say 10 years and up. Simply due to their size and clumsiness. Bloodhounds are intelligent and want to please you for affection. They are not aggressive what so ever. I dare say your previse dog was perfect because your family is balanced with they right amounts of love and structure. You can also challenge them by hiding their favorite toys and allowing them to find the toys. Just exercise that pup daily and he/she will be fine.
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I have had dogs all my life, and Casey is my first bloodhound. This is the sweetest dog I have ever had. There is not a mean bone in this dogs body. She loves everyone, and everything. She has caught rabbits in the back yard, and brought them to me. Yes, they had alot of slobber on them, but they were not harmed. She was house broke in 10 days. I got her when she was 3 months old.The only bad thing I can think of she did alot of chewing, as a pup, and would take my cordless phone out in the yard with her. She's great!
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