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We had two wonderful goldens that we lost to cancer and hip problems. Sundance (110 Lbs. ) was...

We had two wonderful goldens that we lost to cancer and hip problems. Sundance (110 Lbs. ) was a big guy who was a gentle giant, so we are familiar with big dogs. We are wondering about Burnese Mountain Dogs, as we love their apperance and tempermenrt. We own a boat and we like the water, so the goldens were great for that. Do BMD's like the water and would they be receptive to swimming?

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Bernese Mountain Dogs aren't known for being swimmers. They can pull carts, sleds, and wagons up mountains, hence their name. I guess they could swim but don't expect it because it's not known in the breed.
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Hi there, My Berner swims. I bought her a life jacket and we took her out on the boat and dropped ancher where I could stand and the water was up to my chest. My husband dropped her in the water (carefully) and she clawed me to death. I showed her she could swim and after that she was sold. She swims every month of the year and we live in Canada!! She learned through wearing the life jacket. When we got back to the beach I took the life jacket off and she ran into the water and started swimming immediately. She didn't realize it was the life jackets keeping her afloat. We always put the life jacket back on whenever we take her out in the boat. Berners have webbed feet so that is a sign that they should be able to swim.
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I wouldnt count on a Bernese Mountain Dog swimming, I had one 11 years, and she did NOT like water.
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My female bernese mountain dog loves water. She can swim but really likes wading out chest deep and walking around. She also likes to chase water coming from the end of a garden hose and she will bite at the water and run through it in the summer.
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Although Bernese Mountain Dogs like to swim....... If you want a dog that loves to swim you should try a Newfoundland.... They sorta look like the Bernese but weigh more!!!!
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Berners are NOT made for swimming--they will sink! Wading--yes--swimming no.
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If you had a golden, then you know what all the fur and wiggle dances mean. Goldens are wonderful dogs. However if you're looking for something for the water that's a tad bigger then a golden, I don't think you'd be doing yourself justice without considering a Leonberger. Leos are excellent swimmers because of their fur and their big webbed paws, they don't drool and you can get one with that golden cream color you might be missing. They're absolutely devoted to their owners, love the water a ton! Patient and gentle as a golden with kids. Leos want to be with you and involved, they're sensitive to emotions and people oriented. They were bred to be companion dogs and nothing more, and the AKC only recognized them a couple years ago so they're virtually clean of health problems
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